Stock Levels 

Our hand-made shoes and garments are always in high demand and there can be the odd occasion where we may temporarily find ourselves out of stock of certain colour/size/material combinations. While we would love to ensure permanent availability of all our items, (and do try our best!), we can on occasion find ourselves out of stock when demand is high, especially for our more popular designs.

If we ARE out of stock of an item from your order, we will make this for you as quickly as possible. This is the beauty of hand-making everything here on our premises! The average manufacturing lead time is approximately 10-15 working days for garments and 5-6 working weeks for shoes - although of course we always aim to have items made well within this time, or before if possible. Our items are hand-made here in our factory at Thrapston, Northamptonshire by highly-skilled craftsmen and women, and we will always try our best give you the most accurate information possible regarding estimated delivery dates. We will also ensure that we keep you updated on your order and will contact you as soon as your order is ready for dispatch. 

How can I check that an item is definitely in stock and available for immediate dispatch?

If you require an item immediately, we are easily contactable via email Our friendly and efficient team will be delighted to help you. A member of staff can then check the stock for you and let you know straight away.

Why don't you just make more items or order more stock?

The most common cause of bankruptcy among retail companies is by holding too much stock! Even if we wanted to, we could not order/make much more stock than we currently do, due to the capacity limitations of our warehouse and factory. We strive to make a realistic amount of each of our products, but, as mentioned above, certain items "fly off the shelves" far more quickly than other items. Due to making so many variations of our shoes and garments in terms of size, colour, fabric, sleeve length, etc, we have a limited amount of production and storage capacity for our hand-made products.

So why do you keep out of stock items listed on your website?

If we make the product in our warehouse then we keep the product listed. This is because if we HAVE run out of stock, we can make it for you within 10-15 working days if it is a garment or 5-6 working weeks if it is shoes, so can still fulfill your order and maintain supply. We also have small runs of stock constantly being made, so our shelves are kept topped-up  on a daily basis. However, if we do sell out of something that we do NOT make here, we will remove the item from our website listing straight away to make sure we're as up to date as possible.

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